6 Things You Should Always Buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black FridayMany people are waiting for the biggest shopping day that is the Black Friday. However, Cyber Monday are becoming more and more popular every year as people start making purchases on smartphones, tablets, and laptops no matte where they are. This is the best day to buy things because retailers are giving holiday deals. That is why more shoppers are rushing into their stores or websites on both days. Likewise, biggest retailers are also extending the opening and closing hours. Some of the big retailers participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday include Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T, Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Home Depot.

These retailers are offering up to 70% discounts on popular items. That is why buyers can expect obtaining big savings by purchasing markdown items. In fact, if you are planning to buy products such as HDTVs, laptops and others you can expect for considerable rollbacks. Most likely, retailers are giving big discounts of products that are about to replace with new improved versions.

Black Friday is the best time to purchase products, but you should not expect getting the high-end products. Forget about the things not to buy. Here are some of the best bargains that you can find during Black Friday.

1. Smartphones – Who doesn’t want a smartphone these days. But the best bargains really start before Verizon’s Black Friday and last through Christmas. Verizon Wireless will lure you to upgrade with free cell phones. Even the high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be had for less than $50. That’s a whopping $150 off the regular price. If you can’t the get the deals you really want, then click here for even more Verizon Cyber Monday 2014 deals.

2. Laptops – This is one of the hot items that you can buy during Black Friday. You can get up to 50% discount on items that were previously manufactured for the past years.

3. Televisions – It is ideal to buy televisions during Black Friday because the price is reduced.

4. Blu-Ray player – Another hot item offered during Black Friday is the Blu-Ray player. Likewise, you can also find mark down movies and video games, yet you can expect that the quality still remains the same. This is the best time to purchase movies and complete television shows seasons.

5. Cookware sets – As the holiday season is getting nearer, it is good to buy cookware sets that you can give as gift. Buying this on Black Friday gives you great deals because the price is reduced to super-cheap. Other kitchen appliances are also offered at lowest prices.

6. Digital camera – The demand for digital cameras has reduced due to the existence of smartphones. That is why during Black Friday, most retailers are offering digital cameras in discounted prices. If you still want to have digital camera, the best thing to do is to know the schedule of Black Friday sale and you can expect getting this item at affordable cost.

Although you can obtain big discounts from Sprint and other carriers during Black Friday 2014, shoppers should not be impulsive in buying items. It is still important to compare deals offered by different stores so that you can ensure getting the best deals. This is important because during Black Friday shoppers would battle the traffic, the crowds and of course the long lines just to pick some bargain items.

Before shopping on either days, you should ensure making a list of the products that you want to purchase. This way, once you arrived in the venue it will be easier for you to pick up the items of your choice. Likewise, you should be aware of the prices or you can check the Price matching policy. As you want to obtain big savings, you should prefer those items with big discounts as compared to the regular items.

The Science and Art of Couponing

Online shopping has not only made our lives more convenient, but now it gives us more opportunities to shop more while spending less. By using online coupons, shoppers always get extra discounts or rebates. Other perks of using online coupons include free shipping, buy one take one promos, first time customer discounts, trial offers and additional giveaways.

Amazon Coupons
Couponing? How does that work?
Depending on the online store, there are different ways to obtain and use online coupons.

Obtaining online coupons or promotion codes
There are websites available for shoppers to look up available online coupons for online stores. Use these to your advantage and find the best deals available. At times, subscribing to store newsletters may also bring you exclusive coupons – online stores often offer discount codes to encourage customers to shop and keep shopping. Amazon, for example, offer new and existing customers free 2-day shipping on almost everything for 1 year if you buy the new Amazon Fire phone – click here to learn more.

Redeeming online coupons
On the website of most online stores, there should be boxes that allow shoppers to enter promotional codes. These are usually found in the shopping cart, or sometimes on the item description. They are often easy to find as online stores do their best to make it easy for shoppers to encourage them to shop at their stores.

Making sure that your coupon is working
Before making any purchase, it is recommended that you first try to see if your coupon is working. This can be done by inputting the your coupon code and check the calculated total amount. For some shopping cart system, when you use a discount code, the original price is crossed off and a discounted price, calculated based on the discount offered by your coupon, is displayed next to it. For other offers such as free shipping, make sure that your order total reflects the discount. Do not proceed with the purchase unless your discount code is verified to work.

Sprint coupon
What are some usual restrictions on coupon codes?
Wireless carrier Sprint requires you to sign a new contract in order to receive the bargain-basement price. Visit this page for the latest promo code available. More often than not, online coupons cannot be used on items that are already on sale. Furthermore, only one code may be used per transaction – so decide carefully on whether you are availing the discount or free shipping, for example. You can try the coupons as mentioned above without having to proceed with the actual order. This allows you to see which discount code gets you the best deal.

How can I save using these coupons?

Know when the best deals happen
Online merchants usually hold sales on certain day of the month – it could be the first week, the middle or last. It is almost always a given that holidays inspire stores to put up holiday sales. The biggest sales always tend to happen by the end of the year – so gear up and prepare for deal hunting!

Take note of expiration dates
Most coupon codes have expiration dates on them. Always take note of these to ensure that you don’t miss the savings and offers.

Buy more to save more
Rally up your family and friends to make one big purchase of the items you need altogether. Most online stores already offer free shipping upon reaching a certain amount – double up your savings even more with your online coupons. If you are shopping a new phone directly from Sprint, the best way is to check out the sale from this source and add as many lines as you can to bring down the cost of each line.

Save Big on Verizon Wireless Smartphones with Coupon Codes This Holiday Season

It’s the season to give again. Many people have the latest smartphone on their wish list: iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and many more. What’s better than buying a new one from the nation’s most reliable network Verizon Wireless? If you are looking for the best smartphone deals of the season you will delighted to find out this year’s hottest selling phones are heavily discounted. You can even bring the price down further with use of online promo codes.

Although the most popular phone to give this year is the new iPhone 5s it might not be on everyone’s wish list. First you need to find a smartphone that works for you or someone you will be giving it to. Is he/she an Apple or Android fan? For someone who loves Apple products there are a limited number of choices, which is good for the buyer. You can’t go wrong with an iPhone 5s? For Android fans, there are plenty of offers from Samsung, HTC, LG, and other manufacturers. New Android phones come out every few months and you need to compare all of them for the best features. Manufacturers and authorized Verizon Wireless dealers often give out coupon codes to use online. Some discount codes are exclusively meant to be used for the individual recipient the signed for their news letter and product update. If you don’t mind to fill your mailbox up with holiday promos be sure to sign up now for the email offers. You can always unsubscribe after you make the purchase. This helpful resource has the promo codes for Verizon Wireless that can save you as much as $500 today.

Let’s take a look at two holiday smartphone deals that you don’t want to miss.

Moto XMoto X – it’s touted a pure Google smartphone. Not only does it have a stock Android OS, it also packs massive processing power and unique customizable cover to match your preference. It’s a large smartphone by the 4.7 inch screen size. It was originally selling for $200 with a contract. It’s now only a penny from Amazon when you apply the coupon code. How big is the saving? $200!

Samsung Galaxy S 4Samsung Galaxy S4 is the flagship smartphone from Samsung and integrated many unique features made by Samsung. The Verge review gave it 8 out 10 score. Although you might not like the add-on software it’s no doubt the most sought after Android smartphone this holiday season. It’s normally selling for $200 and the price occasionally dropped to $100. But if you are new customer, or upgrading to new mobile share service, or just want to add another line to your existing account – you will find yourself $50 richer on each Galaxy S4 you buy from Verizon Wireless. How big is the saving? Over $200 if you buy more than one phone.

What if you or the gift recipients don’t like the phone? Luckily, like other carriers, Verizon Wireless let you try the smarpthone for 30 days and if for any reason you don’t like the phone simply return it or exchange it for a different model. There might a minimal restocking fees but can be credited back to your account if you decide to keep the service. So whatever your smartphone choices are for the holiday remember to use to a promo code to get bigger saving from Verizon Wireless.

Things not to buy on Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are full of incredible discounts on hundreds of products, but there are quite a few items you should avoid purchasing during those Thanksgiving weekend sales. These items may be slightly discounted on Black Friday, but you can typically get far better deals on them later. Here are a few items you shouldn’t rush to put in your cart on Black Friday.

Black Friday
1. Toys
November is when most people start thinking about Christmas shopping, so it’s tempting to snap up everything on your children’s wish lists now. Retailers count on this and may discount a few of their most popular toys, but you should realize that you’re going to see those same toys much, much cheaper in mid-December. Save your money and buy them later in the season.

2. Brand-Name TVs
You can get great deals on TVs for Black Friday, but the best ones will apply to third-tier manufacturers rather than names you recognize. When is the best time to pick up a brand-name set? Look around in late December as manufacturers are getting rid of old stock in time to set out next year’s newer models.

3. Digital Cameras
You’ll no doubt see plenty of deals for digital cameras during Black Friday, but that’s nowhere near the best time to pick up a new one. As with TVs, the best time to pick one up is just after new models have been announced. For digital cameras, this typically means February and March are the best months to shop. You can get some pretty impressive discounts from retailers looking to get rid of “old” cameras. However nowadays every smartphone comes with digital camera that rivals those standalone unit. If you are seriously trying not to carry so many gadgets around you should consider buying a smartphone instead. Many sites have coupon codes that can save you extra money at anytime.

4. Christmas Decorations
With so many Christmas lights, ornaments, and wreaths filling the stores on Black Friday, most people end up picking up a few items to help decorating. To really get great deals, though, wait until the last week of December when, once again, stores are trying to get rid of old merchandise. The prices on Christmas items may be low on Black Friday, but they’re nowhere near what they will be on December 27th.

Black Friday Deals
5. Jewelry and Watches
The entire holiday season is full of sales pushing you to buy something pretty for your loved ones, but you should feel no pressure to purchase right away. The sales over the holidays are no better than the sales around Valentine’s Day, so don’t be fooled by stores and ads pushing you to buy on Black Friday by claiming it’s the kind of deal you can only get once a year. That just isn’t true.

If you shouldn’t buy any of these, what should you buy on Black Friday? This year, the number one choice is smartphones. You really do get better smartphone deals on Black Friday than you do the rest of the year, and all the major manufacturers are participating this year, so you know you can get the device you want at a price you can afford. You can compare prices on your mobile phones too before handing out your credit cards at cash register. Don’t spend money on something you can get later for a better price. Focus instead on the truly great buys for Black Friday: smartphones, laptops, tablets, and DVD boxed sets.